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Been a while: Part 2

This is going to be a short post. I’m going to get back into the grooves of writing regularly; while I’ve had a functioning laptop for a while now, work and general personal stuff got in the way like it usually does. Yay.

I’ve been formulating my thoughts about a lot of topics for the past month, though, so I hope to have those out and about once I can finalize them. The best way to start would be to hit the “big three” arguments for god and show my stance on those three, as talking about religion will likely involve me pointing back to those posts for reference.

I’m going to do the same for my current positions on race and gender/feminism. Though doing so won’t be all that easy to formulate, as I have much to learn about the these topics, I’m definitely eager to set a foundation to this blog so that any future reader will get my stance and understand where I’m coming from. 

Let’s get the wheel rolling again!



As of a month ago, I was let go from Pixel Dynamo. It wasn’t on harsh terms, though, and I hope to either rejoin them or get back into the games journalism field in other ways.