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Depression and my “youtube soapbox”

Hello, again the spates of writing I do on this blog is telling of a lot of things, heh. Long story short, I’m currently in therapy for depression. Honestly, I’m glad I’ve come to a point where I can accept a problem where I see it, and hopefully the therapy does me good and helps me stay in the best mental state possible. I have 15+ posts on different subjects I’ve wanted to finish and with some help I think I can try and be more consistent.

Ironically, I’m also creating a new category in which I decide to do one of the worst things someone with depression could do: look at youtube comments. I’ve done this for a while, and decided that I should create a series of comments from youtube I’ve responded to, just to show how I view certain topics and what I stand for. It’s been so easy to write out eloquent responses on youtube(surprisingly) that I just had to take the opportunity to share it and spark discussion on what I said. If the comment chain I participate in is/gets long enough I’ll try to keep things summarized in updated posts. This should be fun haha.

– A bard who doesn’t fit his title. And the rickety keys to tick. 

P.s. I keep the herp derp addon on Chrome handy, no need to actually worry about my mental state when I get on my soapbox.