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Men’s Rights and Feminism


I had a discussion earlier about feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement. I do not support MRA’s, because they are largely a hate group. Too many MRA’s are fine with threatening women with rape and violence and do nothing more productive than troll feminist groups. I don’t think they’ll ever do otherwise. For one, all of their legitimate grievances, such as the fact that women get custody of children more often than men when it comes to divorce, are also concerns to feminists. Feminists actually lobby to change these laws and practices, but MRA’s seem to be too busy blaming them on feminism to do anything. And for another, the best known MRA groups/representatives are all very extreme and make it difficult for moderate MRA’s to accomplish more than legitimizing a hate group. They don’t, likely because they aren’t able to, make the group more agreeable or more productive. As…

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