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Legend of Korra’s latest trailer

Holy Crap?

There’s already an entire trailer on LoK Book three out?

I think it is worth pointing out how siked I am for the upcoming season Avatar: Legend of Korra. The idea of change at such a fundamental level leaves so much open for this new season of Legend of Korra and while I still think there is a lot of possible story to animate in the Pre-Korra side of things, opening up this whole new paradigm is going to be exciting. I can’t say much of what I can expect from the trailer, outside of Zuko and Tenzin’s brother, Boomey, learning how to airbend. But the new enemy, or what I suspect will be the enemy, seems to be coming from the same line of work that Sparky Sparky Boom Man the assassin comes from. From that short clip around the two minute mark I almost thought he was earthbending AND firebending. I have no clue if he was and what I should have seen from the clip but the interesting theory I have will be elaborated in a new blog post about a cool new plot device idea: mixing elements. They certainly the freedom to work with this anyway, but I have no clue if this was truly suggested.

Either way, the trailer did what it was supposed to do: pique the shit out of my interest. Unlike E3, I KNOW I won’t be disappointed with more Korra. Now that the writers seem like they have a better idea on pacing, coupled possibly with less of a constraint on length, I think potential for an adventure on the scale of the first series is not just feasible, but needed to really set the ground work for how this new cross between spirit world natural world comes to life.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think it was about, the youtube link unfortunately lacks in a comment section for kid friendly reasons I’d guess.

-An excited self proclaim Bard hoping for some awesome Korra and maybe element blending

I’ll leave a space here for an edit linking to future articles about my theories and general feeling on the path of the Avatar universe and series as a whole.