Small time blogger woes

So my base of operations is a harddriveless macbook pro ’08 edition running off of ubuntu 14.14 LTS’s live cd on a usb. The CD Drive is broken too, bear with me. Needless to say I’m struggling right now.

Either way, this situation has forced me to run on a sort of temporary desktop where I must save my files on a usb so that my files aren’t lost between boots and all of my lovely writings don’t evaporate into the void.  (it’s definitely worth figuring out where these files even go everytime I need to shut down)

Why am I saying all this? For the past few days, I’ve been noticing that I’ve gotten at least one view daily. Considering how long ago I started posting, I’m cool with this. In fact, I’m happy that someone actually wants to hear what I have to say (read what I have to write blah blah)

But I think I know who’s been on my profile every day. See, given my situation, I always have to log in daily because of the hard reset my computer goes through. And every day, I access my blog page first and sign in through the link there. My site has been logging everytime I do this as a bloody view.

I feel like Jon from Garfield right now. In a particular comic strip, Jon finds a dollar on the floor. And another. And another. By the time he’s announcing his “luck” off panel, Garfield smirks at the readers and goes “There’s a hole in his pocket”


-A lonely self-proclaimed bard

P.s. If anyone comes across this and knows the strip I’m talking about, lemme know where to find it for viewer reference!


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