Why Web Games?

I’m going to be spending at least equal or greater time on web games when I do my reviews, simply because it’s been the kinds of games I grew up on. And frankly, I’m surprised I don’t hear about it when you get interviews from gamers about what they grew up on.

As if flash games on newgrounds isn’t hardcore gamer enough. Pfft.

Web games, be it flash games on newgrounds or MMO’s like Runescape, all have one thing in common: they are (typically) free, and they are played on the computer. This was all it took for me at a wee age of 11 years old to hop on the internet, a place pretty much the same age as I was, and get into the world of web games. While most gamers grew up on consoles, I was a mix between a console and computer gamer and I can’t help but scratch my head at the stories of gamers who got to go home right after class, pop in a cartridge, and play games for hours on end until supper.


Didn’t these kids have curfews? Or parents, at the very least?


Sure, I’d have done the same thing if I could. I grew up on a clear-green Nintendo 64 that I got for some random forgotten occasion when I was a child and it literally took me years to beat Donkey Kong 64. The game was tough, sure, and jesus christ did I take a while to figure out that I’d already collected the medal in the Jetpack minigame and didn’t need to beat the whole sodding arcade game to get into Hideout Helm. But the main reason that the bane of my childhood took me until the age of 10 to beat, a whole three years after I got the N64, was that playing it was a weekend affair. My parents were strict: No games during school days except for fridays.


Apparently, no one else had to suffer through this misery. Not many others got to feel the pain I felt when the clock struck 9 on sunday nights and I was just too into Rayman 2: The Great Escape to admit that I had to stop before I got yelled at. It’d a whole week before I’d get to start a new game and play again.


Thankfully, Mum and Dad allowed me to use the computer at anytime. I’m positive that they were none the wiser to the fact that there was a world of free games on the internet out there for me to play, but i jumped on that bandwagon the moment i discovered Nick.com


Web gaming became a part of my life quickly because of that. Especially with that draconian rule in place all throughout my life until college, I learned to love the online web gaming world.


And my parents must have been none the wiser, because I got away with this shit for a while.

The Bard



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