Closet Atheist, Frugal Gamer, Media Binging Procrastinator who calls himself Bard

Let’s be serious, though. Urban Dictionary, the place where all commonplace wordage goes to die and be reborn anew from the ashes, says this about bards:

From the Gaelic “bàrd”. A poetmusician, and entertainer. Also called a “minstrel” in some circles. Known through Latinas a “troubadour“.

And even then I don’t quite come close. Yeah, yeah. I draw some. I guess it’s entertaining, now especially given my skill. (lack there of)

But the term comes near and dear to my heart, and even though the days of my word weaving has past me by, on the B train where soon our paths may once more cross, I still love the term. So screw you, Oxford. Screw you, Merriam and you as well, Webster. I’ll use the word as I see fit. And lookie here, an electronic type writer to officiate the moment!

Bard: Anyone and everyone who chooses to express themselves through the art of music, the art of writing, or the art of visuals and drawings.

Fresh of the pages. New definitions in the making.

And the keys go tick.


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